All Farmers That Received Any Damage Should Go to Their County FSA Office to Report That Damage

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Please see below important summary from meetings held yesterday, in regards to losses from Hurricane Matthew. This information is also for vegetable and fruit crop losses, not just insured crops. If you have anything you want to report, please do so as soon as possible.
Erin R. Eure

Area Specialized Agent – Commercial Fruits & Vegetables

Northeast Region

NC State Extension

112 Court St./PO Box 46 – Gatesville, NC 27938


As was emphasized yesterday, all farmers that received any damage should go to their county FSA office to report that damage. If they do not already have an FSA farm number, they need to take a plat map of their farm with them to show they have a farm.

In the event that any monies are allocated from Congress for agricultural losses, those monies will be administered through FSA. The farmer needs to be on record so that if disaster relief funds are available they will be able to apply.

Linked here is a worksheet that FSA developed for farmers to use prior to meeting with FSA county officials.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of reporting losses.