2017 Winter Production Meeting Schedule

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January 11-13 Corn, Small Grain, Soybean & Cotton Joint Annual Conference,

Sheraton Imperial, Raleigh

January 23   Gates Corn Production-Weather Update, Ron Heiniger

8 A.M, Millpond Visitor Center

Sausage wraps & drinks, Pesticide Credits

January 24   Gates Soybean Production Meeting, David Holhouser

8 A.M., Millpond Visitors Center,

Sausage Wraps & drink, Pesticide Credits

January 25 Commercial Vegetable Meeting,

Leon Nixon’s, 10 -12, lunch,

call 357-1400 to register

Pesticide Credits

January 26 Drone Meeting, 1 P.M.

Perquimans Extension Office, Demonstration, ag uses, basic drone use & operation

January 30 Auxin Herbicide Training, 4 P.M.

Perquimans Recreational Center, 310 South Granby St., Hertford, NC., 27944

Several states, NC included, will require applicator training. North Carolina’s SLN label will state the following:  The producer, certified applicator, or person responsible for the application of this product on cotton or soybeans, in-crop, must attend Auxin Herbicides – Best Management Practices training that is approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. In other words, training is mandatory if one wants to use the new products. The companies involved, BASF, Dow, and Monsanto, will be presenting training also. Company training will not fulfill the requirement on the SLN labels. Attendees will receive credit in the X category on private applicator licenses. That is how we will keep up with who has received training.

January 31 Chowan, Gates & Perquimans Cotton Production Meeting,

Leon Nixon’s, 5 P.M., dinner, call 357-1400

Pesticide Credit

February 1 Private Applicator Recertification

10-12, Gates Extension Auditorium

February 6 Chowan, Gates & Perquimans Peanut Production Meeting,

12 noon, Crossroads Fire Department,

lunch, call 357-1400 to register

Pesticide Credit

February 9 Private Applicator Recertification

6-8 P.M., Gates Extension Auditorium

February 13 Respirator Fit Test/Medical Clearance

Crossroads Fire Department,8:30-2:30.

February 23 Northeast Ag Expo Small Grains Field Day,

White Hat Seed Farm, Perquimans County, 9:30-1 P.M.

lunch, call 357-1400 to register

February 27 NC Crop Improvement,

8-12, lunch, McKimmon Center, Raleigh