2016 Melon Variety Trial Results

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NC Cucurbit Variety Trial Results

The link above will take you to a comprehensive listing of Cucurbit Variety Trial results conducted by NC State University, including cantaloupes and other orange fleshed melons, watermelons, and squash.

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Southeast Regional Seedless Watermelon Variety Trial_2015-2016

The two page document linked above summarizes data compiled in 2015 and 2016 from the seedless watermelon variety trials conducted in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Note that North Carolina data on these varieties was not included here, nor at the website linked above. The 2016 NC data will not be distributed to commercial growers due to high incidence of fusarium wilt in the 2016 trials. Yield data were obtained, but are not reflective of more favorable growing conditions and yield potential that growers normally would encounter.